IPS State of the Art Technology

A vast selection of fiction and non-fiction literature A wide range of compulsory reading books A selection of e-books E-reading platforms Librarika
Computers Tablets Headphones
Book fair Reading events Poetry evenings

IPS is fully equipped with modern technology for both the ICT and the tech-focused portion of our curriculum and for use by our Student body. Students have access to Computers, Tablets, and headphones, and every classroom is outfitted with fully compatible interactive whiteboards. IPS also provides a wide Media Library with both physical media and a broad selection of e-learning options, e-books, our Scholastic Book Club online, and our e-reading platform. Additional Media Events include Book Fairs, Readings, and Poetry Nights.


IPS is the only fully integrated school in Wroclaw offering real time options for Students at home via our Online Classrooms. Using the IPS Online Backpack, Google Classroom, and the IPS Student Calendar, we allow for complete access for students who stay at home. Playschool Students and Extracurricular Music School Students also enjoy options for remote learning.