What makes us special?

Music fosters creativity and builds independence by developing critical thinking, leadership, and collaboration skills as well as discipline and self-confidence. It helps students express themselves and shows them the importance of communication as they learn to connect with other musicians and with audiences.

IPS is the only school in Wroclaw that conducts extracurricular music classes available to the whole community in English, Polish, French, and Spanish.

Instrumental and Vocal Lesson Curricula are curated on an individual basis to be appropriate for each student?s age and capabilities by our faculty of highly accomplished music professionals. Music theory is included in every course according to the ABRSM and Trinity Assessment standards and is tested along with performance abilities twice a year during the IPS ?Audition? process.

IPS Music students are given additional performance opportunities in the form of the IPS Playschool Mini Concert Series, taking part in music competitions and festivals, and showcasing their talents at a Winter and End of Year Concert for the IPS Student body and the IPS Community.

The IPS Choir and Band

At IPS, music is a universal language that transcends borders, connecting us in a harmonious blend of cultures, emotions, and expressions. The IPS Band and Choir stand at the heart of our school’s commitment to fostering musical excellence, creativity, and global understanding. Through our comprehensive music programs, students can explore their musical passions and develop their talents.


The IPS Choir

The IPS Choir embodies the spirit of unity and diversity, bringing together voices from around the globe to create beautiful, moving performances. Our choir program focuses on vocal technique, musical literacy, and expressive performance, all within a supportive and inclusive community. Students learn a wide repertoire, from classical choral works to world music, reflecting our international identity. Through regular performances, competitions, and community events, the IPS Choir showcases the power of collective voices in harmony.


The IPS Band

The IPS Band offers a dynamic environment where students can excel in instrumental music, from classical repertoires to contemporary pieces. Our dedicated instructors, equipped with international experience, guide students through ensemble performances, enhancing their technical proficiency, musicality, and ensemble cooperation. The IPS Band is a place of innovation where students are encouraged to compose, arrange, and explore music across genres, fostering a lifelong appreciation for the arts.


IPS Music School Offer


Individual Lessons


Classical Department 

  • Violin
  • Vocals
  • Trumpet
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Combined Percussion
  • Clarinet


Rock Department 

  • Bass Guitar
  • Pop Drums


Paulina Połacik-Godlewska
IPS Music School Manager

+48 533 977 653

Virtual or On campus meetings available.