IPS Events

IPS engages our community in several annual traditions as well as special events which include Integration Events for building relationships among the families of our students, Cultural Diversity Days, during which we celebrate the wide array of backgrounds and cultural elements, and Holiday Parties for many of the most important festivals and days of religious observances from around the world.

We also gather every year to celebrate the anniversary of our institution during a Spring School Picnic, we host Mother?s Coffee Breaks to encourage relationships among women with like-aged children and encourage family affinity during our Father-Daughter dance and Mother-Son breakfast.

IPS Music School performs concerts throughout the year featuring student musicians at the Holidays and the end of the year, as well as part of our mini concert outreach program for IPS Playschool pupils. Additionally, our music faculty frequently curate and perform special presentations for the entire student body, featuring historical and theoretical aspects of music.