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Dear Students, Dear Parents,

In 2011 my son Antoś was 3 years old and I was looking for a preschool that would face the challenges of the 20th century. I was looking for a place that would be friendly for my little man but at the same time have high educational standards and teach open-mindedness towards other people. I was convinced we can learn this through interactions with members of different cultures and nationalities through English as a global language of communication. When I failed to find such a place, an idea of opening my own playschool was born.

This is how the International Playschool, an English-speaking preschool was founded, with its primary location at 49 Wietrzna St in Wrocław, Poland.

Today, IPS is a group of facilities offering international education, certified to follow the highest educational standards, with English as a language of instruction. It consists of IPS Nursery, IPS Playschool, IPS School and the IPS Music School.

At the age of 5, the students start their primary school in the IPS Primary School, that offers education from the level of Grade 0 up to Grade 8. The world’s highest educational standards certified by the Cambridge University and the International Baccalaureate PYP programme are the basis for teaching and learning in our school. Our motto is famous Elbert Einstein’s quote: “Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift, and not hard duty”.

The teaching in grades 0-4 is based on transdisciplinarity within so-called Units of Inquiry that integrate the knowledge and skills of Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Language and Arts under one “big idea” – the central idea of each Unit. The curriculum for Grades 0-4 are prepared in accordance with the standards, knowledge and competence of the national curricula of UK, USA and Poland. The teaching philosophy and methods respond to the challenges of the 21st century education, considering closely the skills of synthesizing knowledge, selecting information, project work and collaboration within groups. In IPS we know that with such skills mastered within the first years of schooling, our students will be able to meet the demands od their further education and skilfully adopt them on the labour market.

In Grades 5-8, IPS Primary School offers a subject-based education according to the Cambridge Primary and Secondary 1 international curriculum enriched by the elements of the Polish national curriculum for the grade level. We prepare students for the exams according to the British standards of the Cambridge University, so-called Lower Secondary Checkpoints as well as Polish state-required final exams at the end of primary education. We are especially devoted to support children’s independence in their learning as well as conscious development of their own talents and skills.

We are convinced that the contemporary education involves very important challenges of modelling well-educated, conscious and sensitive citizens who will become future leaders of values such as openness, tolerance and respect for other people. If I was to put everything that makes us different in one sentence, I would say that in IPS we truly like people.

Of course there are more distinguishing features than this.

We are a family-friendly place. We strive for the IPS to be safe, joyous and always open, not just for the children, but also for their parents.

We are international and multicultural – it is enough to open the world atlas to find places on every continent, that our students and teachers come from. The IPS’ hometown, Wroclaw is called a meeting place, the junction of culture, the city of tolerance. IPS is a place of the same values.

We are socially conscious. In IPS we know that education is not just studying books. We appreciate engagement, activeness, social awareness and we try to imprint these values into our students.

And, last but not least, IPS is simply a great fun. Education, as well as our work should be a pleasure as only in a pleasurable atmosphere we can succeed. We do our best to spend each day with a smile on our faces to be able to say “I’ve had a great day today!” every evening.

Welcome to IPS

Magdalena Dobrzańska-Frasyniuk