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PYP, Cambridge Primary, and Secondary 1

In grades 0-4 we work in accordance with IB PYP curriculum, implementing the Programme of Inquiry, which integrates various disciplines concerning people and the world around them to promote the best understating of each domain. The whole curriculum, that also meets the Polish standards requirements on the given grade level, consists of 6 Units of Inquiry thatare aporox. 6-week long. During the Unit span the students and the teacher inquire into issues that are relevant, engaging, as well as challenging to them, using the language, math, social science, science, art, music, IT and research knowledge and skills they acquired. These issues, however, do not serve only to help the students master knowledge about the world around them but, first of all, allow them to understand broader concepts, called Big Ideas, such as change, responsibility, function, or connection. We believe that the concept-based curriculum allows for deeper understanding of problems and concepts, even with preschool aged child, as well as gives the students a basis for exploring, analyzing, and using the gained information at the later stages of their education and in adult life.

In 5th-8th grade, our students learn within subject-based teaching and follow programmes for English, Polish, Mathematics, History, Science, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Music, Art, PE, Technology, Social Studies, or another foreign language. The Cambridge Primary and Secondary 1 programmes as well as the Polish curriculum have been analyzed for all these subjects and integrated into one consistent, modern, and challenging curriculum. High standards of teaching are regularly verified through internal assessment, which indicates the direction in which the students, teacher, and the whole school should go to prepare the youths for their future education and adult life.