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Playschool zone
School zone
Athletic zone
Playschool zone, situated in the right wing of the building, is designated for our youngest students up to 5 years of age. A separate entrance to the playschool’s building divides the building from the school zone. Having a separate playground guarantees full safety and comfort for our youngsters.
School zone, situated in the middle wing of the building, is the heart of educating children and youth aged 5-14. All the classrooms are located on the first floor. We divided the space so that our youngest students (up to 3rd grade) could learn in a limited-access, safe zone.
Athetic zone is located in the left wind of the building and provides all the conditions necessary for a full physical development of our students. It comprises of two fully-equipted sport halls, one full size hall on the ground floor, one auxiliary on the first floor inntended for fitness or judo classes. The Athletic zone has a separate plumbing system with separate lockerooms and showers for boys and for girls. Our sports facilities are available to booking by individuals or groups. To make a booking, please contact the school’s Marketing Department.

In the neighbourhood

The IPS building is located in a green neighborhood, in the heart of Wrocław – Krzyki disctrict, at 52 Drukarska St., which is 10 minutes away from the Old Town. Nearby our school there are several locations that we use:

  • Swimming  pool, which we use for swimming classes,
  • Town football and athletic field which we use for our PE classes during the spring and early fall,
  • Public library,
  • Quiet park with a playground.