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In our daily education we value the following virtues

The owner of IPS

Magdalena Dobrzańska-Frasyniuk
Magdalena Dobrzańska-Frasyniuk President of the Board

I started IPS partly for my son Antek, born in 2008, as I wanted to see him become socially sensitive, open to others, intellectually and vocationally independent in the future.

I wanted to create a place in which our students would be prepared from an early age to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Today I am delighted to see IPS students speaking English fluently, and being aware of and open to cultural differences, showing that the slogan “citizen of the world” is not just empty words. A school is a place where the future of our children is being created. I hope that IPS students will remember our school as a place where they started fulfilling their dreams.